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Specialist Equipment

Do you know that the Teesside Family Foundation are able to fund or part-fund specialist equipment for children and adults who have a physical or cognitive disability?

Over the years the Teesside Family Foundation have supported local families in funding specialist equipment when a need has been identified. We are extremely pleased to announce that we are now able to offer this support to more families within the TS postcode.

Who can apply? Anyone can apply, but they will require the support of a health professional who has completed the appropriate assessment of the desired equipment and who is willing to provide a clinical justification of why the equipment will benefit the applicant.

All applications will be considered by the board of trustees of the charity and an associated health professional.
The Teesside Family fund are keen to encourage families in their fundraising efforts and may agree to fund or part fund any application received.


Online Application

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    • I declare that the information in this application is accurate and gives a true account of the present financial position, and that the relevant supporting documents can be provided if required.

    • I understand the information I have provided will be used to process this application for assistance.

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    At times, we will not be able to assist but may be able to approach other agencies/charities to see if they are willing to help you. Your details may be shared with these charities/agencies in order that we may try to obtain help on your behalf. If you do not wish us to contact any agencies/charities on your behalf this will not prejudice your request for assistance. If assistance is provided by the Foundation it will be used in our marketing/social media platforms to promote the Foundation and its objectives and you agree to this use.

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