The Teesside Family Foundation
The Teesside Family Foundation
Supporting Local People In Teesside
The Teesside Family Foundation
Supporting Local People In Teesside
Run By Volunteers
The Teesside Family Foundation
Run By Volunteers
The Teesside Family Foundation

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The Teesside Family Foundation Holiday Home

In 2018 we purchased our first holiday home at Primrose Valley Holiday Park. The caravan will be used by Teesside families free of charge to create memories and have fun. We estimate over the next five years that over 200 families will benefit from the use of this holiday home.

If you would like to nominate a deserving family for the use of our holiday home, please use the form provided below and return it to

Download Application

Take A Look Around Our Holiday Home

Do You Know A Deserving Family?

If you know or are a local Teesside family who would seriously benefit from the opportunity to use our holiday home at Primrose Valley Holiday Park, the Teesside Family Foundation would love to hear from you. Please consider filling in our nomination application form with your details and reasons for nomination.

Online Application

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    At times, we will not be able to assist but may be able to approach other agencies/charities to see if they are willing to help you. Your details may be shared with these charities/agencies in order that we may try to obtain help on your behalf. If you do not wish us to contact any agencies/charities on your behalf this will not prejudice your request for assistance. If assistance is provided by the Foundation it will be used in our marketing/social media platforms to promote the Foundation and its objectives and you agree to this use.

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