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The Teesside Family Foundation
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The Teesside Family Foundation
Run By Volunteers
The Teesside Family Foundation

TTFF – My Dream Day

The Teesside Family Foundation – presents “My Dream Day”

What would your dream day be?

A day at a Spa, Cinema, Bowling, a football match, Go Karting, Restaurant, Theatre, Trip to a Zoo, Theme park, Seaside?
We want to offer the opportunity to give some very special people a “My dream day experience”! Please apply with details of who you are nominating and what their dream day would be.


• Must live in a TS postcode
• Open to people with a life limiting illness, who have been through recent personal tragedy, have a disability or who are going through financial hardship.

Online Nominations

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    • I declare that the information in this application is accurate and gives a true account of the present financial position, and that the relevant supporting documents can be provided if required.

    • I understand the information I have provided will be used to process this application for assistance.

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    At times, we will not be able to assist but may be able to approach other agencies/charities to see if they are willing to help you. Your details may be shared with these charities/agencies in order that we may try to obtain help on your behalf. If you do not wish us to contact any agencies/charities on your behalf this will not prejudice your request for assistance. If assistance is provided by the Foundation it will be used in our marketing/social media platforms to promote the Foundation and its objectives and you agree to this use.

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